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23.02.2012 08:17, perry E-mail :
the glorious goldrn saion sunset goes on and on

20.10.2011 05:23, George Reynaert from The Netherlands E-mail :
very simple but impessive site. It inspires and motivate me to keep using my MX5.

Kind regards

06.09.2011 09:47, Mian E-mail :
keep up the good work, much appreciated

03.07.2011 23:14, osg E-mail Homepage :
Excellent site especially since most psion sites are fading away. I also like this simplistic design.

06.12.2010 17:16, Templar from USA/Europe E-mail Homepage :
I love your site buddy, just approved it on the PPC/HPC link directory!

Hope more Psion users find this invaluable website!

03.08.2010 20:07, Jean Guillonneau from France E-mail :
I like very much your site : simple, clear, informative... and in these days there are not so many living Psion sites left !
For example, with you I discovered PGP, which is exactly what I was looking for. I can copy a phrase anywhere or from anywhere and encrypt/decrypt it. I know it is now necessary not to give away in the cloud one's credit card numbers, so I tried SafePlace but found it not so convenient to have the information splitted into different files.

I wish you can continue this work.

16.04.2010 10:39, John E-mail :
Initial Test Message

Page: < 1, 2
Entries: 17
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