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20.01.2016 03:04, Christopher Bruce from Scotland E-mail Homepage :
Good site, well done. I really miss the seamless relationship between application on the 5mx.

I keep hoping someone will port them to android!

Best of luck keeping it all together.



08.05.2015 01:39, Andy from England E-mail :
Really appreciate this site, thank you :)

03.04.2015 02:44, Bea from Feluy E-mail Homepage :
thank so considerably for your web site it helps a lot.

My homepage - goji beere

01.04.2015 22:35, Stuart Johnson from Middlebury Vermont USA E-mail :
Hi just wanted to let you know I got hold of Psion Portable Chef disk this week and wondered whether you would like a copy or an ISO. This is very hard to find. I just bought it so it should be here next week sometime. I think I sent you the Dive 5 crack at one time. Anyway hope your well

17.08.2014 11:41, iraklis from grecce E-mail :
netbook epoc how conct easy internet ?

15.06.2014 08:30, Daniil from Russia E-mail :
Hi There
Thank you for your work!

17.02.2013 19:53, ExPLIT from Berlin / Germany E-mail Homepage :
Perfect Site !!! Nice to see, there are people who still uses this incredible machines....

10.01.2013 19:27, Paul Humphries from midlands, UK E-mail :
Have you heard of any solution to get an emulator on a IPAD - I have my psion software in use on a laptop but use a Ipad for work, would like to try getting software on Ipad. have tried researching and apart from a program called DOSBOX for Ipad that existed for a very short time, I can not find a solution.

03.12.2012 17:15, Roger Dawson from Spain E-mail :
Good to find a really useful Psion site. I still have my old series 3 and 5 machines, but don't use them anymore - the iPhone has taken over! But I do need to try and read, and if possible transfer, the old agenda files. I hope your site can help to point me in the right direction.

28.09.2012 12:54, Arthur Mortensen E-mail :
Nice collection. These things go on and on. I have one assembled with a good data cable after Psion stopped making them (by same guy who did PSIXPDA), and an Ericcson MC218. Both are still valuable tools. Thanks for your collection. I may be able to employ it to revive some software that no longer works.

Page: 1, 2 >
Entries: 17
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